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Established in 1993, BodyGuards was the first, and is still the largest, most reputable personal training service of its kind in the North East of England. We believe in a balanced approach to health and fitness, providing one to one appointments with highly knowledgeable Health & Fitness Experts and designing programmes that are specific to your needs and your long-term well-being.


Bodyguards is constantly evolving. We pride ourselves on being at the cutting edge of the Health & Fitness industry but we don’t use gimmicks or fads. The Jesmond-based facility has recently undergone a facelift with new funky decor, equipment and layout.

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Here at BodyGuards we believe in looking at you as a whole person, not just as a set of measurements and ratios. Your lifestyle and your environment are taken into consideration and we also offer invaluable diet and nutritional advice along with your personalised exercise programme.


Our ethos is ‘Balance’. We understand that everyone is different and therefore Bodyguards Health & Fitness Coaches are specialists in health, movement and fitness assessments so we can establish where you currently are. By gathering a large range of information and measurements during your ‘Wellness Evaluation’ we can then design the ideal programme for YOU, to restore and balance your health. Once you have found a balance, the potential results in the gym are infinite ! Our goal is to help you become stronger, faster, fitter, better. Physically, Mentally, Emotionally and Spiritually.


We acknowledge that in order to be healthy, its more beneficial to work from the inside out and take a more holistic approach toward high performance fitness. What makes us unique is our ability to coach clients how to be happy, feel and look good and be fitter than ever before. We’ll help you to build your own personal foundation of ‘Healthy Living Principles’ specific to your own needs and show you how to balance all the systems of your body and establish homeostasis.


The biggest difference between BodyGuards and other gyms is that you will be assigned your own Personal Trainer/Health & Fitness Coach suited to your own objectives and receive one to one, weekly personal training as standard. Your Health & Fitness Coach will work with you every step of the way, at times that suit you, giving you the motivation you may often need to achieve your goals. Between your sessions with your trainer, you can come and use the gym as much as you like. For free !

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By constantly monitoring your performance we will help you see yourself improving in terms of overall level of health and vitality as well as in body size and shape.