Membership to BodyGuards Fitness Services Ltd isn’t about hefty yearly fees. There’s no contracts tying you down for 12 months at a time. All we ask is that you have at least a half hour session with you trainer once per week. Any additional use of the facilities is then free of charge and we’ll write you a ‘Drop-In’ programme to keep you on track.

dumb bells We also offer a range of discounts for those who wish to train as a team, students or for employees of participating companies.

But before you can join BodyGuards you will need to arrange a no obligation wellness evaluation with one of our highly skilled personal trainers. This thorough health and fitness evaluation is a 2 hour session and helps us to judge how we can best help you. It also gives us a range of information on which we can then monitor your progress on once you join.

To arrange your wellness evaluation, please call 0191 239 9000 or use our online contact form.

Personal Training Session Prices:

*Why not ‘Train with a Friend’ for further reductions