You’ve tried that latest diet
You’ve joined the local gym
You’ve bought those celebrity fitness DVDs

…and still you’re looking for ways to fix your fitness woes. We don’t need to go through why they fail… but one thing’s for sure, we need to get you get back on track.

No more wasting money. It’s time for results!

team of experts

Go to the Experts

No longer only available to the rich and famous, personal training services are now much more accessible and affordable.

Whatever your goal

BodyGuards Health & Fitness specialists can help you to a ‘New Healthier and Fitter You’, not only concentrating on your exercise and energy workouts, but also giving you advice on lifestyle, diet and nutrition.

Your own personal trainer will work with you every step of the way, through 1-to-1 sessions, keeping you motivated and focused on your objectives.

Contact us to arrange your no obligation 2-hour Wellness Assessment… and you can decide how you want to take it from there.

No 12 Month Contract

Just a minimum of a half hour session with your trainer once a week, which then entitles you to free use of our excellent gym facilities.


*Why not ‘Train with a Friend’ for further reductions