Exercise Specialist

Mike Paul

Mike started in the fitness industry in the early 90’s gaining a variety of qualifications and working for Bromley’s first health and fitness club as we know health and fitness clubs today. He also worked for the local authority as a GP Referrals trainer. Deciding to better educate himself he went on to study Sport Science and Sport Rehabilitation.

Financial constraints meant not completing the degree, however he did end up working for the Sport and Recreation Industry Training Organisation, a large part of which was working on the National Occupational Standards for Exercise and Fitness Instructors, the ones currently used by REPS.

Eventually he left to take a 7 year interlude in IT during which time he found his way in Newcastle as a Business Analyst. What makes Mike unique amongst our trainers is his experience with cancer. In 2009 Mike was diagnosed with a high grade sarcoma in the base of the skull and sinuses. After 8 months of intense chemotherapy and a prognosis of 2 – 5 years and a prescription for 6 weeks of radiotherapy, Mike took things into his own hands. Using his research skills and desire for life he declined the radiotherapy and managed his own recovery to health and fitness. 6 years later he is healthy, fit and well (this includes having a herniated lumbar disc in 2010). He took further fitness qualifications and has been working back in the industry for the last 4 years. He plays squash for Northern Squash club and last year represented Northumberland in the over 45 age group.

He specialises in improving movement and health in a gentler more holistic way than the traditional stress and recover methodology, having spent the last 4 years working with clients up to their 80’s, but is also happy with the more extreme fitness side of things having worked with Crossfitters, weekend warriors and competitive triathletes.