Health & Fitness Coach

Shane Hopper

Having been a carpenter for many years Shane decided to pursue his main passion as a career and become a Health & Fitness Coach. He’s also a Muay Thai kickboxer and has experience training with professionals out in Thailand. His development within the health & fitness industry has been swift and not limited to just exercise, as a Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Shane has an in-depth knowledge of what it takes to be truly healthy and is always keen to pass on his insight into topics such as nutrition and stress management. Physical Specialist Shane has extensive knowledge of anatomy, physiology and corrective exercise which he uses to design individualised health & fitness programmes to help clients achieve their long term health, weight, fitness or performance goals. He has been a CHEK Academy student for the past three years where he’s honed his skills as a rehabilitation specialist and as a Holistic Lifestyle Coach. His friendly and positive attitude means effective training won’t feel too much like hard work.