Personal Trainer / Exercise Specialist / Massage Therapist

Tony Douglass

Tony has recently completed an ironman event in 11hours and 45mins. He regularly competes in triathlon and running events and is a competitive athlete.

Tony, an experienced runner and running coach, also runs the Bodyguards Running Academy.

Tony has been at Bodyguards since early 2005 having been previously involved in the fitness industry for 7 years working at various health clubs (eg David Lloyds) and fitness establishments. He enjoys training a wide variety of clients irrespective of ability level. He is also presently working with elite athletes and local teams. One of his specialties is Sports Massage and has built a solid reputation as one of the best around. Tony’s experience and knowledge, combined with his calm, approachable personality make him one of the most sought after Personal Trainers and Running Coaches in the North East.