The likelihood is, if you spend 20, 30 or 40+ hours per week sitting or repeatedly in the same position then your posture is probably out of ideal alignment and there will be muscle imbalances in your body. This can cause all sorts of musculoskeletal problems and the solution is regular corrective exercise and a personalised stretch programme - Little and often.

Bodyguards now offer detailed, full body postural assessments and then an online posture programme personalised to your specific needs, allowing you to access your exercise programme and watch video demonstrations of each exercise to ensure correct form and technique. By complimenting your training with around 20 mins of stretching and correctional exercise each day you can improve your posture, look slimmer, rid yourself of those tight, painful spots and potentially perform better in the gym.

The package requires only one hour of assessments and then we will design your bespoke posture programme for you to use as often as you can.

Online Posture Programmes

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