360 Degrees of Lunges

If you’re up for a challenge - try this 3-dimensional, multidirectional bodyweight workout that can be performed from home.

Basically we have 3 variations of lunges:

  • Forward Lunges
  • Side Lunges
  • Turning Lunges

Then 6 different upper body movements

  • Arm raises
  • Arm drops
  • Right side bend
  • Left side bend
  • Right twist
  • Left twist

Perform each variation of the lunges on each leg with each upper body movement

One repetition per variation of lunge with each upper body movement, on each leg would be 36 reps in total!

If you did:

2 reps of each lunge that’d be 72 lunges ! 4 reps of each lunge = 144 lunges 6 reps = 216 lunges 8 reps = 288 Build up each session until you can do 10 reps of each lunge giving you a total of 360 lunges !!

If you want to make it even more challenging use a couple of dumbbells or a medicine ball to increase the intensity … enjoy

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