Celebrating 30 highly successful years at the cutting edge of the Fitness Industry, we pride ourselves on being ‘much more than just a gym’. We are primarily a Personal Training service meaning all our clients receive PT on a regular basis which ensures all our clients get the results they want and have free access to an exclusive, spacious gym with a wide selection of specialist fitness equipment where you’ll never have to wait and queue for machines or deal with masses of gym-goers.

BodyGuards Health & Fitness Coaches provide a very professional, personalised service to each one of our clients, offering an effective, bespoke and sustainable approach to health & fitness. The majority of our clients stay with us for years because we provide a ‘healthy approach to fitness’ - no gimmicks, no fads. We’ll not only help you to get fit and lose weight, we’ll also help you to maintain a healthier lifestyle so you not only look good on the outside but you also feel great on the inside.

Once a BodyGuards client, with unlimited free access to our clean, well-equipped gym facilities, based in Jesmond, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, your own Personal Trainer and bespoke health & fitness programme will ensure that you not only achieve results quickly, but you are also able to sustain them for a lifetime.

Our Personal Trainers are all highly experienced, extremely well qualified, super knowledgeable Health & Fitness Professionals, hand-picked for their ability to guide YOU to new levels of vitality and performance no matter what your age, gender or goal. Our gym is private, discreet and also a very friendly, comfortable and non-judgemental environment in which to train and achieve your objectives. Don’t hesitate, contact us now…

Bodyguards Personal Trainer with a Client

We strongly believe that when it comes to Health & Fitness, not only should your training be specific to your own individual goals and needs, but it should also be fun and educational. We take a holistic approach, meaning in addition to exercise and nutrition, we provide guidance in a wide range of areas such as digestion, stress, sleep patterns, hormonal balance, spinal pathology & sports injury rehab, and even illnesses such as diabetes, celiac etc


Bodyguards provides a ‘whole’ health & fitness service which includes functional fitness personal training, strength & conditioning coaching, fun effective exercise classes (yoga, boxercise, circuits, HIIT etc), helpful and realistic healthy lifestyle guidance, weight loss programmes and diet & nutritional advice. Additional services include running coaching, sports massage, posture assessments and online training.

Bodyguards gym, showing lots of equipment