Established in 1993, BodyGuards Fitness Services Ltd was Newcastle’s first and to this day is still the largest, most reputable health & fitness personal training facility and service in the Northeast.

Bodyguards Personal Trainer with a Client

BodyGuards Health & Fitness Coaches offer a unique service to our clients, providing a personalised, balanced approach to health & fitness. We’ll not only help you to get fit and lose weight, we’ll also help you to lead a healthy lifestyle and develop a better understanding of what the right nutrition is for YOU. With access to our private, purpose-designed Personal Training Facility, based in Jesmond, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, your bespoke training regime will ensure that you not only achieve results quickly, but you are also able to maintain them.

We strongly believe that when it comes to Personal Training, not only should it be effective by it being bespoke to your needs, but it should also be fun and educational.

“Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man ‘how’ to fish and feed him for a lifetime”

Bodyguards provides a ‘holistic’ health & fitness service which includes functional fitness personal training and strength & conditioning coaching, helpful and realistic healthy lifestyle guidance and individual, personalised nutritional advice and support.