Here are the 50 press up variations that we've posted recetly, from easiest to hardest.

Different people will find different press up variations harder or easier than others depending on their strengths and weaknesses i.e. balance, joint/core stability, strength, power, flexibility, agility. Therefore, this isn't a definitive list in terms of order of difficulty because everybody’s different! Other individual differences such as body shape, somatype, muscle fibre type dominance and even height and weight have big roles to play in determining which variations are easier or harder.

Press ups from easiest to hardest:

  1. Wall press ups
  2. Kneeling press ups
  3. 60 degree press ups
  4. 30 degree press ups
  5. Quad press ups
  6. Wide press ups
  7. Standard press ups
  8. Elbow plank press up and down
  9. Narrow press ups
  10. Press up to one arm
  11. Press up to one leg
  12. One leg press ups
  13. Press up to one arm & one leg
  14. Press up to T-side plank
  15. Decline Press ups
  16. Explosive modified press up
  17. Down dog press ups
  18. Renegade row press ups
  19. Swiss ball press ups
  20. Swiss ball one leg press ups
  21. One leg down dog press ups
  22. Weighted press ups
  23. Hindu press Ups
  24. Spider-Man press ups
  25. Reptilian crawl press ups
  26. Unilateral med ball press ups
  27. Jumping bosu press ups
  28. Swiss ball push jacks
  29. Swiss ball twisting push jacks
  30. Narrow med ball press ups
  31. Lateral press ups
  32. Jumping med ball to narrow press ups
  33. Jumping step to wide press ups
  34. 2 x med ball press ups
  35. 4 x med ball press ups
  36. Blast off press ups
  37. Explosive press up
  38. Clappyingpress ups
  39. Explosive unilateral med ball press ups
  40. Mountain climber press ups
  41. Bastards
  42. Six step press ups
  43. Deep P-bar press ups
  44. Pike handstand press ups
  45. Scorpion press ups
  46. Tiger press ups
  47. One arm press ups
  48. Handstand press ups
  49. Bruce Lee finger press ups
  50. Jumping explosive press up
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