The word 'holistic' often conjures thoughts of a non-scientific approach to health and is often dismissed as ineffective or 'airy fairy'.


However, holistic essentially means whole i.e. the sum of all its parts and the holistic approach to health & fitness is simply a way of taking a broader view of what contributes toward overall well being. It doesn't mean it isn't scientific or that it isn't backed up by medical research. To the contrary, it's an amalgamation of all the research that delves into not just physical well being but also includes mental, emotional and even spiritual factors that have been proven to influence your health but are often overlooked by the allopathic approach of modern medicine.


The human body is a system of sub-systems. All of which affect, inter-relate and communicate with each other in order to allow optimal function of the overall system i.e. your body. Each and every one of our estimated 3 trillion cells contribute toward optimal function of the overall system no matter what sort of cell they are or which sub-system they are a part of. The cells of our muscular system affect the cells of our skeletal system which also affect the cells of our immune system, our endocrine system, our nervous system, our digestive and eliminative system and so on and so on. Everything in the body is connected and each system has an affect on the other systems and ultimately on our overall levels of health and well being. Therefore, when attempting resolve a health issue, it makes a lot of sense to consider every system, even if at first it seems completely unrelated !

The holistic approach to health is all about seeing the whole picture, addressing the possible root causes of ill-health as opposed to just treating the symptoms, its about treating the person that has the disease not treating the disease that has the person, thus acknowledging that we're all as totally unique as our fingerprints and that we're all biochemical individuals. Basically we're all different, like snowflakes and where one approach might work for one person, it may have no effect on another and could possibly make a third person worse.

Holistic doesn't mean non-scientific or an approach that is unsupported by scientific research - it means taking a step back and looking at all the parts that create whole health.

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