A very explosive high level pressup which develops power and stability in the upper body !

  1. Begin by selecting an appropriately sized medicine ball. choose one large enough to provide your hand with a good base from which to push. also bear in mind that if this exercise is done on a mat or carpet it is significantly easier to stabilise the hand on the ball.
  2. Start by assuming a press up position with one hand on the ball, the other on the floor. ensure your body is straight and core tensed. this exercise can be made easier by kneeling but again make sure your hips are straight.
  3. Drop down toward the floor into the lower part of a press up and then, as explosively as you can, push up away from the ground, getting your hands up and over the ball so that on landing your other hand is placed on the ball.
  4. This is quite a high performance exercise and must only be attempted once decent normal press up form has been established. the emphasis is on being as explosive as possible and getting as much height as you can in order to swap arms mid jump. good luck, as ever keep your abs tight and try 3 reps on each arm, rest for 2 minutes then repeat 2 more times …
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