A postural exercise which strengthens the entire posterior chain including hams, glutes, lower back, mid & upper back and shoulders.

  1. This exercise requires a section of wall to put your feet on, a small swiss ball, and some light dumbells. Start by assuming your back extension position where the feet are flat against the wall, toes touching the floor, legs nearly straight and your hips are positioned on the ball.
  2. Place your stomach on the ball and round your back to fold over the ball. Grab your dumbells and hold them with your forearms vertically dangling beneath your elbows which should be out to the side of your shoulders (refer to the video).
  3. The movement involves extending your back and hips by lifting your upper body away from the ball so that your torso is in line with your straight legs. It is at this point that the arms (which have been dangling from the elbows up until now) begin to initiate the face pull which involves rotating the shoulders and therefore lifting the forearms and dumbells to around head height.
  4. To return to the starting position from the top, rotate the arms back towards the floor and lower your upper body back down. Repeat at a controlled pace for 10 - 20 reps and maintain tension, as ever, in your abdominals to reduce discomfort.
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