Strengthens the glutes, lower back and hamstrings and stabilises the core

  1. Begin by sitting on your ball and rolling out into what we call the bridge position i.e. head and shoulders on the ball, arms by your side or hands on hips and ensure that the knees are directly above the ankles.
  2. The starting position requires you to push your hips up high and squeeze your glutes/buttocks tight. remember, as always, to draw in your belly button in order to minimise overusage of the back muscles – the main focus is on the glutes.
  3. Next, allow the hips to drop right down toward the floor, the upper body will roll down the ball so try and keep your head back and also for best results try and keep the knees above the ankles. from this position, begin to return to the starting position by again, squeezing the buttocks and pushing the hips up towards the ceiling.
  4. Try and pull your belly button in at all times during the movement and remember to breathe steadily and concentrate on staying balanced. the movement should be performed at a steady controlled pace. try 20 reps… if you want to make it harder try the exercise on one leg !?
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