Stabilises the core and improves balance, co-ordination and proprieception.

  1. Begin by standing behind your ball next to a wall. with one hand on the wall, the other free to control the ball, start to place one and then the other leg or shin on the ball. this movement tends to be more of a ‘rolling’ action onto the ball using your hands to control your balance.
  2. Take your time centering your weight over the middle of the ball and begin to assume an upright, posturally sound position, again using your hands to maintain balance..
  3. Once upright and fairly stable take your hand away from the wall and begin to control your balance through your hips and legs. it’s a good idea to try and contract your deep core stabilising abdominals by drawing the belly button inward towards your spine. this should help a lot with balancing when done in synergy with a contraction of the buttocks.
  4. Remember to breathe steadily and concentrate on staying central on top of the ball. the trick is to keep your abs really tight. try and manage 60 seconds of ball kneeling.
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