A very aerobic full body exercise that strengthens the legs, core and arms and melts fat !

  1. Begin by selecting an appropriately sized medicine ball (females 4kg, males 8-10kg). the thruster exercise is basically a squat followed by a shoulder press and therefore you should make sure the weight of the med ball is not too much to press above the head about 20 times
  2. Start standing with the med ball close to your chest and initiate the movement by bending at the hips and knees, lowering yourself into a squat position. ensure the knees track the middle of your feet i.e. don’t allow your knees to move too far forward, inward or outward, they must remain above the second toes of your feet throughout the movement
  3. Next, stand up again, pushing your heels into the ground and trying to maintain a straight but not necessarily a vertical back until you are standing tall again at which point you must push the med ball above your head extending the elbows and straightening the body. then return to the starting position
  4. Try and pull your belly button in at all times during the movement to support the spine and try to generate some momentum from the legs in order to help the arms push the med ball as high as you can. appropriately sized dumbells or kettlebells could be substituted for the med ball. try 20 reps …
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