Strengthens the latissimus, serratus anterior, glutes and stabilises the core.

  1. Begin by sitting on your gym ball and then rolling out into a ‘bridge’ position. keep your hips high, your buttocks squeezed and your belly button pulled in.
  2. Choose an appropriate weight (females 6kg + males 10 kg) to use during the exercise and hold it with both hands. At bodyguards we tend to use the med balls with handles
  3. Start with the weight vertically above your chest and then slowly lower the ball above/behind the head, keeping the arms straight but not locked out at the elbows. Once your arms are in alignment with the rest of your body begin to return the weight to its starting position, exhaling and maintaining tension in the abs
  4. Pullovers should be done at a controlled pace and emphasis placed on maintaining good body posture throughout. Try twenty reps
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