Strengthens the obliques, glutes & abs and stabilises the core.

  1. Begin by sitting on your gym ball and then rolling out into a ‘bridge’ position. keep your hips high, your buttocks squeezed and your belly button pulled in.
  2. Choose an appropriate weight (females 4kg + males 8 kg) to use during the exercise and hold it with both hands above your chest. At bodyguards we tend to use the med balls with handles.
  3. Start with the weight vertically above your chest and then rotate the upper body to one side, attempting to keep the lower body fairly still and solid and the arms straight. rotate to about 90 degrees so that the arms are parallel to the ground then rotate up and all the way over to the other side maintaining tension in the abs.
  4. Russian Twists should be done at a good pace with emphasis placed on maintaining good body posture throughout, i.e. hips high and buttocks tight. Try twenty reps.
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