strengthens the obliques, qlo and abdominals and stabilises the core

  1. Begin by standing between your ball and a wall. place a hip on the ball and your feet, side on, on the skirting board. try to place your hip and not your rib cage on the ball for best results and place your feet one in front of the other, bottom leg being the front leg.
  2. Now lie over the ball ensuring that you are side on i.e. both hips are vertically aligned. make sure you are central on the ball and that you can balance with no hands
  3. Place your fingers on your temples or straight above the head for more effect. the movement simply involves bending at the hips and side crunching up away from the ball, keeping your balance and getting as high as possible.
  4. Try and pull your belly button in at all times during the movement and remember to breathe steadily and concentrate on staying balanced. the movement should be performed at a steady controlled pace. try 20 reps…
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