Bodyguards are proud to present a new service which incorporates all of our exercise, nutritional and lifestyle/health expertise/knowledge to provide you with an intensive two week, weight loss & healthy living programme.

Wellness evaluation

The programme begins with an extensive and professional analysis of your present level of health, taking a close look at your individual situation or circumstances. This analysis we call the wellness evaluation.

From the detailed information collected we then design a personalised eating plan, suggest realistic lifestyle changes in order to increase activity levels and prescribe a two week exercise plan which involves training 12 times, an hour each day over the two week period..

Eating plan

We start by filling out several questionnaires about your eating habits and nutritional intake. We also look at your metabolic type i.e. whether you should be eating predominantly proteins and fats, carbohydrates or a more balanced mixture. The next step is to go shopping together and purchase all the necessary items for your personalised diet plan. The first few days of your diet plan will be aimed at detoxifying your body of those unwanted free radicals whereas the remainder of your plan is based around your own specific needs in terms of macronutrients and micronutrients.


We’ll also look at your lifestyle, meaning specifically your sleep patterns, activity levels, family or fun-time, hobbies and causes of stress. Other factors considered include when you eat, stress management, drinking and smoking, brain stimulation, hydration levels and rest. We’ll then put together a short list of realistic suggestions which have the potential to alter your lifestyle for the better, giving you improved energy levels, a sense of well being and healthy habits to carry forward into your everyday life.


Last but by no means least we will show you how to exercise efficiently, safely, and effectively. Using many of the most up-to-date exercises available and some old fat-burning classics to help you shed those unwanted pounds. Again we will look at you as an individual and carefully select the training methods, exercise types and motivational techniques required that best suit you. The training will be intensive in that it will involve 12 hour-long sessions over two weeks and the emphasis will be on energising you, burning fat, educating you about what type of exercise is most effective for you for future reference and having fun whilst training


The final stage involves the all important reassessment, specifically looking at fat loss, girth measurements and overall improvement in diet, lifestyle and fitness…

2 week intensive programme

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