Breathing is essential !


It is critical in order to provide the most important nutrient to the human body, oxygen. How you breathe determines how much oxygen you get and how it is used within your body to provide energy to its cells. This in turn determines how well your body and its systems, your organs and muscles etc function. Proper deep breathing also alkalinises your body, which counteracts the acidity caused by poor, fast, shallow breathing, processed foods like sugar or fizzy drinks and even negative emotions like fear, depression or anger.

When your body is overly acidic, your biochemistry is negatively affected and the body can easily become fatigued which opens the door to illness and disease. Correct deep diaphragmatic breathing also has the capacity to relax the mind and body, it connects you to your soul and allows positive energy, thoughts and emotions to flourish and flow through you...


Take a deep breath !


Breathing Exercises

If you've ever done Yoga, Tai Chi, Meditation or Pilates you'll know that 'working-in' exercises heavily place emphasis on the function of your diaphragm and teach you how to breathe deeply from your belly.

The diaphragm muscle is a very important part of the inner unit of core musculature that provides stability to the spine and supports your internal organs (viscera).

core muscles

Proper breathing allows you to re-activate your parasympathetic nervous system (Yin) which allows your body and mind to relax, rest and repair. It will also facilitate improved digestion, thus more nutrient absorption and the body re-building processes required to fix all the damage caused throughout your day from the stresses (Yang) that come hand in hand with modern living.....

.......and Breathe.

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