A multidirectional functional lifting exercise which works the entire core.

  1. Grab a club-bell or a med ball of appropriate size (male = 12kg, female = 6-8 kg) and kneel on one knee as shown. Grip the handle/head of the club with the front-leg-sided hand and the other hand wraps around the shaft of the club with an overhand grip.
  2. The starting position requires you to lean and twist to the back-leg side whilst bending forward slightly, the end of the club should point behind your back foot and your hands will be close to your side. Get low in order to maximise the range of motion.
  3. The movement mimics a wood chop from a kneeling position or more accurately it looks like a punt or single-paddle rowing-action and involves rotating the upper body away from the back-leg (starting position) up to an upright position and then beyond to the front-leg side. As the body twists the club bell is lifted into a high position on the front-leg side before repeating the movement in the opposite direction, returning to the starting point.
  4. Try 20 venetian chops each side. remember to keep the belly button drawn in to stabilise the pelvis and support the spine. The action should be controlled but can be performed at your speed of choice depending on your aim, breathe out on the lift.
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