This exercise specifically strengthens the abdominals, chest and triceps

  1. Firstly select an appropriately sized medicine ball. we generally recommend around a 5 kg ball for men and a 2-3 kg ball for women.
  2. Start by assuming a flat supine lying position, knees bent, feet on the ground, gripping the med ball which starts on the chest with both hands and head flat on the ground. ensure your lower back is also flat on the ground and the belly button is drawn inwards.
  3. The movement involves crunching i.e. lifting the upper back off the ground and pushing the med ball toward the ceiling and exhaling forcefully and then returning to the original starting position in a slow controlled fashion.
  4. This exercise really works the abs and arms providing you’re always drawing in your belly button throughout the movement. try a slow set of 20 reps…
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