The Dumbbell Tripod Row looks similar to a DB one arm row however they are not the same.

The base of support has changed which in turn uses more core.

With a regular dumbbell one arm row, we have one arm and one knee on the bench and the dumbbell is held fairly close to our centre of gravity.

When we perform the Dumbbell Tripod Row we’ve got a wider base of support and the dumbbell is held out to the side farther away from our centre of gravity.

You’ll feel from the very first rep that it’s a challenge to hold your body still and straight as you move the dumbbell.

This variation is also more athletically inclined here because both feet are on the ground with your knees bent and your butt out.

The Tripod row works your upper back muscles more, it challenges the core because the dumbbell is held away from your centre of gravity, and it puts you in a natural athletic stance.

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