A strongman exercise which has an obvious functional carry over to everyday life. For example it'll really help you when attempting to carry all your christmas shopping home from the shops !

  1. This exercise should be done with heavy weights but initially you can use some lighter ones. I tend to opt for 2 x 16kg Kettlebells for men or 2 x 8kg for women. Obviously when it becomes more feasible you could carry heavier bags (30kg powerbags) in each hand to make it more challenging ?
  2. The exercise is fairly simple in principle but in order to get the most from the exercise there are several postural points to follow. Start by squatting down with a good straight back (neutral spine) and lift the weights off the ground. Once standing upright, stand tall and roll your shoulders back and down pushing your chest out and drawing your abdominals in.
  3. The movement simply requires you to walk, carrying the kettlebells, keeping a good grip on them, with straight arms by your sides. Maintain good tall posture and don't lean forwards or to either side. The key to good carrying posture is a tensed, strong core, keep your head up and look forwards to avoid the chest from dropping or stooping.
  4. Try walking 100metres consecutively without stopping then remember to bend your knees when you've stopped and return the weights to the ground by squatting back down prior to resting. Make this harder by negotiating some steps or an incline. If you're tight on space, walk 10metres, turn around and repeat for a total of 10 times... Happy Shopping and Merry Christmas !
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