With brighter, longer and better days finally here, getting fit for summer is a priority for many of us at the moment. Some of us will want to get in better shape after a winter spent hibernating in front of the TV and gaining a few unwanted pounds. Others simply want to get out there and enjoy the longer evenings while doing some good for their bodies. Still others will want to revive those New Year’s resolutions and do something about getting fit and staying healthy and happy.

So you’re a little out of shape ? Fear not because we are here to show you how to get back into a healthy active lifestyle and shed a few pounds for bikini season.

There are numerous factors that affect how we feel about ourselves both physically and mentally. For the majority of us looking good has a lot to do with feeling good. Basically, the most common path towards a healthy mind and body is a combination of :

There are plenty of advantages for mind and body when you decide to put a spring in your step by taking up regular exercise. Exercise helps to burn off those calories we accumulate every day, making us feel mentally better about what we're doing and contributing to an overall sense of wellbeing. Even simple everyday things like cycling or strolling will knock off those calories – 30 minutes cycling can burn off 300 calories, while 30 minutes strolling will account for about 110 calories. You may not believe it but a task like mowing the lawn also has an effect on the calorie counter, taking care of 150 to 200 calories if you use a push lawnmower.

The most effective form of exercise to burn body fat is generally one which uses the most calories. However, running and such like uses only a select few muscle groups and therefore often needs considerable time and effort to bring the desired effects. In contrast, full-body functional-strength training which deliberately uses large numbers of muscle groups simultaneously can be a far more effective and quicker way of burning off excess body fat and generally takes less time in the gym.

Correctly done, strength training stimulates muscle growth and repair which means not only do you burn calories during your gym session but also during recovery whilst the body is still ticking away replenishing the muscles with vital nutrients to make you stronger and fitter. This in turn raises your metabolic rate, increasing calorie usage even when you’re not training. Combine this with some cardio such as running or swimming and follow a varied balanced diet with fresh seasonal vegetables and minimal trans fat or processed food content, and you’re well on your way to a better you…

Obviously, that’s not it. There are many other ways of further improving your health and body shape and here at Bodyguards we relish the opportunity to show you what is most advantageous for you as an Individual in terms of exercise, food and active lifestyle.

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