Strengthens the deep core muscles and abdominals

  1. Begin by kneeling behind your ball with your hands placed on the top of the ball. the starting position requires the arms to be straight and the hips to be pushed forwards and therefore also straight.
  2. This exercise is going to challenge your ability to prevent your lower back from excessively arching during the movement, so tighten the abs by drawing in the belly button and tilt the pelvis backwards before you start by flattening your lower back.
  3. Next, roll your arms down the ball so it rolls under the forearms to about the elbow. to do this you must lean towards the ball, pivoting on the knees so the feet come off the ground but try and keep your hips straight i.e. keep the shoulders, hips and knees in a straight line throughout. once fully rolled out, return to the starting position by rolling the ball back towards you, keeping straight and abs tight !
  4. Try and pull your belly button in at all times during the movement and remember to prevent the back from arching too much. you should feel the abs more than the back if done correctly. the movement should be performed at a steady controlled pace. try 20 reps…
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