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In the New Year, many people made resolutions to improve their health and fitness but how many of us make that same resolution every year without succeeding? It’s around this time of year that people find they haven’t really made any progress since Christmas and lack motivation or consistency due to a boring, ineffective exercise program that has no progressive element.

All too often, traditional gym memberships are taken out with the best of intentions, but the card lies unused in the bottom drawer while the only thing losing weight is your wallet.

Why is this? The fact is that traditional gyms do not offer the individual support and guidance that many people need to be able to achieve their lifestyle and fitness goals. So what is the answer? For many people, Personal Training is filling this gap and achieving fantastic results.

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Personal Trainers typically work with clients to improve body composition (weight loss or muscle gain). They may also be hired for more specific goals, such as an increase in strength, muscular endurance, cardiovascular endurance, or flexibility. Some trainers are qualified to improve sports performance, including speed, agility and power. While not as common, some trainers may also be qualified to work with people who need help with physical dysfunction, including the improvement of balance, range of motion, back/neck, knee, hip and shoulder issues, and medical conditions such as IBS, athsma, angina amongst others.

Why is Personal Training having such a dramatic effect on people’s lives?

A Personal Trainer offers Efficiency. You don’t always have to flog yourself in order to improve your fitness or general health. Often the key to enabling development is to identify the weaker areas and work on them primarily. All too often, people over-train without any improvement and their progress reaches a plateau. Variety is one of the most important elements of an effective training program and a good Personal Trainer will make a point of varying your program so that improvement is steady but constant, using effective functional training that will apply specifically to you. They take the guesswork out of fitness and help you make the most of your time and money that you spend exercising.

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A Personal Trainer will Motivate. It really is easier to exercise with someone around and a personal trainer is just the right person to have on your side if you have a fitness goal you’re sweating to attain. A personal trainer will know exactly when he has to act as a tough general, a great source of encouragement and inspiration or simply as a friend to talk to and listen to your personal health woes.

A Personal Trainer offers Exclusivity and Confidentiality. Many people do not want to exercise in a crowded gym, but would prefer a quieter and altogether more private environment.

Your Personal Trainer should be an Expert in the field of health and fitness, with a vast range of qualifications and experience. Choosing a Personal Trainer can be tough. They should be educated and certified through a reputable fitness organization, you should also look for a bright personality, enthusiasm and their ability to communicate their knowledge to you.

Bodyguards Personal Fitness have an exclusive Personal Training-only gym located on Clayton Road in the heart of Jesmond. In addition, home and office sessions can be arranged for convenience. Our trainers are at the cutting edge of the industry using techniques such as Biosignature, Synergy Health Screening, postural assessment and focusing on Functional Training Techniques.

Bodyguards - Running

Established in 1993, Bodyguards was the first Personal Training facility of its kind in the North East and continues to provide an unrivalled service in the region within the Health & Fitness Industry. They offer a ‘complete’ fitness service including high quality personal training, helpful & realistic lifestyle guidance and individual nutritional advice & support

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