A Daily Holistic Approach

Our country is renown for long office hours and lack of personal time compared to our European counterparts. Some say that this accounts for the increased incidence of cardiovascular disease, obesity and ill health in the UK compared to other regions of the continent. Yet it is surprisingly easy to increase our general feelings of wellbeing by minor adjustments to our daily routines.

Feeling of Wellbeing

Fill a 2-litre bottle of water at the start of the day and keep it close. By the end of the working day try to be at least three quarters of the way through, and finish by the end of the day.

Sitting in the same position throughout the day has a detrimental effect on your skeletal posture and your health. Try to vary your position by varying your tasks.

By taking 20 minutes out twice a week to work solely on your flexibility, or to take a quick jog or walk around the site you will make a significant improvement to how you feel.

Getting that 3 o’clock lull?

This is often due to having to long a gap between your lunch and evening meal and eating starch rich foods, which causes your energy levels to peak and trough. Try to keep one of the following snacks handy to get you through the day healthily:

Take 5 minutes to perform a crossword or puzzle. You will be amazed at how much it refreshes your mind.

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