When you walk, jog, run, sprint, lunge or squat the glute medius and minimus work synergistically to stabilise the hip joint (limiting knee cave) and with the contra-lateral QL muscle (quadratus lumborum located in the lower back) to keep your pelvis from excessively tipping, rotating or laterally shifting from side to side

The glute medius is a small, tonic, stabiliser muscle, often overlooked and ignored - one of the ‘unsung heroes’ of the muscular system.

Strengthening the glute medius is an effective way to stabilise the hips, pelvis and spine allowing for improved core function, spinal stabilisation, better balance and proprieception, increased force generation from the legs and as a result can prevent many common injuries experienced during multi-dimensional sport and in general day to day activities.

Here are five exercises that you can perform at home to work on strengthening the glute medius:

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