Someone placing a golf ball on a tee

The recent coverage of the Ryder cup illustrated the continued popularity of the game of golf. Over the years, golf has witnessed several noteworthy developments in terms of cutting edge technology, but lately there’s been an important acknowledgement of the fitness levels required to play good golf. Being fit for golf allows for a more consistent, improved level of performance. Read more about Golf Specific Conditioning

At Bodyguards, we offer Personalised Golf Conditioning programmes designed specifically for you. They involve a detailed assessment of your posture, your flexibility and ranges of motion, your muscle strength and most importantly your core stability. Once this information has been collected we’ll write you a custom made correctional exercise programme including a bespoke stretching plan and then via one to one personal training sessions we’ll guide you through a carefully designed exercise programme, periodically progressed to develop your fitness from stability/endurance to strength and then finally power generation. The package would make an ideal Christmas gift for a friend or family member.

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