A posture corrective exercise which primarily strengthens inner core and sling systems

  1. Adopt a hands and knees position on the floor. The hands should be directly under the shoulders and the knees directly under the hips creating right angles at both the shoulders and hips. The elbows should be slightly flexed to ensure the spine is about parallel to the floor.
  2. Begin by inhaling and raising your right hand forward and out to a 45 degree angle from your head. At the same time lift your left leg as high as you can, stretching out behind you without your pelvis swaying to the opposite side.
  3. Now exhale and tuck your right elbow and left knee in under your torso so that the elbow goes past the knee. Use your abdominals to pull/flex your body to the end of the movement. Repeat the movement, 20 times each side, inhaling as you extend and exhaling as you flex.
  4. Extend the working arm and leg simultaneously ensuring they begin and end their actions together. The movement should be dynamic and rhythmical and the spine should be allowed to flex and extend naturally with each repetition. Remember to breath and perform 20 reps each side.
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