Holistic Lifestyle Plans

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Do you struggle to get the results you’re after despite exercising regularly and trying different diets ?

Nowadays, this is not uncommon. Many of us have fallen into the trap of thinking that because we exercise and limit calories that we should be healthy but the truth is that health is slightly more complicated than that and relies on a variety of contributing lifestyle and nutritional factors alongside a well-designed exercise programme. When these factors are not addressed, the body experiences a physiological load or stress. When multiple factors are not addressed, the resulting overall physiological load cumulates and when the total level of stress placed upon the human body exceeds its critical point the body begins to break down and eventually illness and disease settles in.

Many of the factors we're talking about here are a result of modern living and are difficult to avoid. For example, the destruction of the ozone layer as a result of the use of aerosols and burning of fuels etc is allowing the sun's UV rays to break through and most of us are therefore overly exposed to these damaging electromagnetic waves. Similarly, the pollution of our seas, our air and more relevantly our soils has led to further stress/load being placed upon our bodies.

There are, however, several factors which we can control in order to compensate for the inavoidable ones and reduce overall physiological load. Examples include:

Don't get me wrong, a little stress in one form or another is good for us. For example the sun, which is a stressor, can provide us with a vital nutrient in the form of Vitamin D. The problems start to occur when the load placed upon the body's cells become excessive and thus the need to compensate for these bad, excessive stressors becomes more significant.

Stress experienced by the human body comes in all sorts of forms:

At Bodyguards, via our HOLISTIC LIFETYLE PLANNING service, we offer an assessment which allows us to determine your overall physiological load and identifies which lifestyle factors are placing any excessive stress on your body which could be preventing you from reaching your true health potential and blocking you from getting the results you really want from exercising in the gym.

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