A leg strengthening exercise with a lot of core and shoulder involvement. Main muscles strengthened; quads, glutes, hamstrings, obliques and deltoids

Begin by selecting an appropriately sized medicine ball or dumbells. We generally recommend around a 5/6 kg ball for men and a 3/4 kg ball for women

Start in a standing position and grip the ball in front of you. begin the movement by taking a step forward and lunging down so that the back knee is inches from the ground. The front knee must remain above the front ankle and not deviate too far forward or to either side.

Keeping the upper body vertically aligned and straight, push the med ball or weights out in front of you until the arms are nearly straight and then rotate the upperbody to the front leg’s side until the ball/weight is by you front leg’s hip. Proceed then to twist the upper body back to straight, pull the ball/weight back towards you, stand up over the front leg and then stride forwards into the next step and repeat on the other side

This movement must be controlled and not rushed and as ever involve the pulling in of the belly button. try 20 steps

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