Strengthens the core, specifically the internal and external obliques and the back

Begin by selecting an appropriately sized medicine ball or dumbells. We generally recommend around a 5/6 kg ball for men and a 3/4 kg ball for women

Start in a standing position, feet preferably shoulder width apart and grip the ball by the handle if it has one, or either side of the ball if not. your starting position should involve you leaning your upper body forwards slightly but maintaining a straight back, yours arms should then dangle vertically down in front of your thighs with your knees very slightly bent.

Keeping your arms fairly straight rotate your upper body to your right into a backswing position then with some speed rotate all the way through to a follow through position on the left.

This movement should be done on both sides backswinging in a slow manner and following through with speed. protect your back by always drawing in your belly button and trying to focus the work into your core by only rotating your upperbody (your spine being the axle of rotation). try 10 reps each side.

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