A very functional exercise which strengthens the back, shoulders, arms, core and legs !

  1. Begin by selecting an appropriately sized medicine ball. we generally recommend around a 8-10 kg ball for men and a 4-5 kg ball for women.
  2. Start by assuming a standing position, gripping the med ball with both hands to one side of your hips. your legs begin in a half squat position with approximately 45degrees of flexion at the knees and hips with your body weight shifted to the med ball side
  3. The movement involves lifting the med ball up and across to the opposite side of the body in a rotaional manner finishing with the ball above head height, the body weight shifted to this side and the legs and hips extended before returning to the starting position.
  4. This exercise is a very useful one because its very functional and applicable to everyday life. its 3 dimensional and can be performed at a variety of speeds. try 20 reps to each side at a controlled pace to begin with and remember to pull in your belly button at all times…
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