Functional, Multidirectional, Primal, Metabolic

Equipment required = med balls (varying in weight i.e 3, 5, & 7kg) Objective = increase strength endurance + muscle tone, burn calories Target Body Part = full body

This basic program is very popular amongst the BodyGuards trainers and clients. Its hard work but hugely effective due to its simplicity in layout, space and equipment requirements. Med Ball Workout #1 targets nearly every muscle in the body and is multidirectional. By performing 20 reps on every exercise, twice, with minimal rest it improves muscular strength endurance and is very aerobic, leading to heightened metabolism and increased fat burning capabilities of the body. The exercises are very functional i.e. the movements very closely mimic user defined movements that occur daily in most peoples' lives. The exercises are also primal in nature meaning that the fifteen different exercises involve pushing, squatting, bending, pulling and lunging in one form or another.

The program should be followed in the order specified below with appropriate weights for you. We recommend approximately 1 min rest between sets although rest can be played around with as an exercise variable in this program depending on your aim. Lift lighter med balls with minimal rest for endurance and heavier med balls with more rest for muscle growth and strength gain. Remember each exercise is performed twice with a rest between sets/exercise and should be performed for 20 reps if endurance is your goal. Increasing the weight used and decreasing the number of reps would lend well to strength gain although this program was primarily designed for endurance and aerobic goals. The majority of exercises in this program have been described in detail in the 'Exercise of the Month' page so go check them out if you're not sure. Otherwise feel free to call or email BodyGuards for advice on technique etc

So go for it, grab a couple of med balls and press up, squat, crunch, pull and lunge !

Try doing this program at least twice a week to see real results !

As you begin to find this program easier, increase the weight of the med balls used or add a third set per exercise...

Enjoy !

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