A power exercise which strengthens the pecs and triceps and core

  1. Begin by selecting an appropriately sized medicine ball. We generally recommend around a 4/5 kg ball for men and a 2/3 kg ball for women.
  2. Start in a standing position, gripping the med ball with both hands in front of your chest. take a step and push the ball away from your chest as hard and as quickly as you can. If there’s two of you chest pass to each other. If not throw the ball at a sturdy wall
  3. As you release the ball try and tense your abs and exhale forcefully to ensure the core is solid This movement must be performed explosively and only using small sets of 5 reps in order to target the fast twitch muscle fibres. 4. When you start to get tired and the pass becomes slower you are only then training the slow twitch fibres and is no longer a power exercise. try 4 sets of 5reps with 30 second rest intervals
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