A very functional exercise which strengthens the legs, shoulders, arms, core and hips ! pretty much everything

  1. Begin by selecting an appropriately sized medicine ball. we generally recommend around a 4/5 kg ball for men and a 2/3 kg ball for women.
  2. Start in a standing position, gripping the med ball with both hands in front of your chest. The lungewalk begins by taking a large step forwards making a point of keeping your toes pointing forwards and drop the back knee down towards the floor without actually touching down. The front knee should not stray too far forward, or inward or outward for that matter and instead remain straight, above the ankle and reach approximately a 90degree angle. the back foot should bend, allowing the heel to lift from the floor. this is the lunge position. at this point push the med ball out in front of you, straightening the arms.
  3. The next movement involves stepping forward by pushing through both legs but predominently the front one and resuming the starting standing upright position, pulling the med ball back towards the chest.
  4. Continue to lungewalk forward, push the med ball then stand up again and pull the med ball back to your chest until you have lunged around ten times across the room with each leg. Also remember to keep your abs tight in order to maintain a consant upright upper body position…..
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