An explosive power exercise which strengthens the latissimus dorsi muscles and core

Firstly select an appropriately sized medicine ball. we generally recommend around a 5 kg ball for men and a 2-3 kg ball for women.

Begin by assuming a standing position, feet shoulder width apart and gripping the med ball with both hands above your head. at this point, breath in then draw in the belly button.

The movement involves throwing (slamming) the ball as hard as you can down into the ground or a mat whilst exhaling forcefully and maintaining tight abdominals. catch the ball on the rebound and return to the starting position for the next rep.

1.this exercise really develops upper body speed and power. smaller sets of 5-8 reps should be used in order to avoid performing the exercise slowly due to fatigue. try 2 sets of 5 reps as explosively and quickly as possible…

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