Lets take a look at processed foods.

A factory with workers on the machines processing food

Its almost impossible nowadays to have zero processed foods in our diet. The majority of foods found in your local supermarket are likely to be processed in some way or another. However, the undeniable obesity epidemic that has swept through Britain alongside many other westernised countries in the last 60 years is most likely a direct result of the increase in processed foods being eaten on a daily basis.

The main problem with processed foods is the addition of chemicals which are often completely alien to the human digestive system. Most processed foods actually cost the body more energy and therefore vital nutrients to digest, absorb and eliminate them than they actually deliver and they can significantly damage your gut wall lining, killing good bacteria and encouraging the bad to flourish.

The alternative to processed foods are wholefoods.

Let me explain, a potato is a wholefood whereas oven chips are processed. Fish is a wholefood but fish fingers are processed. An orange is a wholefood but orange juice is processed and so on.

We need to get back to nature and only eat foods that nature provides.

BG's 7-Day Wholefood Challenge

For one full week eat only wholefoods ! That means don't buy or eat anything that has a list of ingredients on/in it !

If it roamed or grew in the British countryside and hasn't been adulterated by humans in a factory then its probably still a wholefood - you can eat it. Try to stick to seasonal, local produce i.e. So at this time of year, its unlikely that anyone in this country could grow pineapples, meaning any pineapples you see in the supermarket have probably been flown in from South America and therefore sprayed with chemicals that preserve the fruit so it'll last longer - this is processing and these are the chemicals we want you to avoid. So no pineapple !

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Celtic Sea Salt

Another simple step is to replace processed white table salt with light grey Celtic Sea Salt. Its unrefined, full of flavour and contains 80 essential minerals which means, when a pinch is added to water you have a drink which is full of electrolytes which helps you rehydrate and avoid cramps after a hard session in the gym... Check out the benefits of Celtic Sea Salt

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