Are you getting enough of the right nutrition for you ?

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Unfortunately, most of the food most of us eat nowadays is processed !

Remember: You are what you eat.

Recent research has shown that every single cell within our bodies is regenerated every year. That's around 100 trillion cells replaced every single year of our lives !

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But what do we regenerate all those cells from ? The answer is; your food !

So do we want to be made of junk or organic nutrients ?

Our foods are the building blocks from which we are made. It provides you with the energy which allows every cell in every one of the body's systems to function optimally. Real food gives you real energy. Food that is made by man in a factory actually costs your body nutrients and energy !

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Nutrition all begins with soil and farming. If food and plants are grown in soil that lacks minerals and nutrients, they become sick plants. Human intervention then adds loads of toxic chemicals to the soil and plants in the form of chemical fertilisers, pesticides, fungicides and herbicides to help them grow. If then, cattle and animals eat the sick, toxic plants they in turn become undernourished sick animals. Again humans intervene by treating the sick animals with antibiotics and steroids in an attempt to resolve their ill health. Farmers also feed the animals corn (not the natural diet of cows, sheep and chickens etc) to help fatten them up. Ultimately, when we proceed to eat all the sick, chemical ridden plants and animals we consequently become ill and undernourished as illustrated by Paul Chek's 'Wheel of Life':

wheel of death

It's no surprise then, that in modern times we have more obesity and illness than ever before in our history ! So what sort of food should we be eating ? Well, that depends on genetics and environment.

A process known as Metabolic Typing is one way of finding out where you should start by providing you with recommendations as to which types of foods and in what proportions you should put in your body.

However, most importantly, there is no substitute for real food and if we intend on restoring health to our bodies and ultimately the planet, that is the biggest change we can make. If you're too yang, you'll need to increase the amount of nutrient rich real-food you eat. Try:

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Just Eat Real Food !

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