Another Explosive lifting exercise aimed at total body power

  1. As usual choose an appropriately sized kettlebell. Men 12 or 16kg and women 4 or 8kg. Hold the kettlebell in front of you in a standing position
  2. The movement begins by swinging the KB back between the legs. Maintain good posture in the spine as you flex primarily at the hips but also slightly at the knees
  3. As the KB passes back between the legs reverse the momentum and direction of travel by explosively thrusting the hips forwards like in a KB swing and as it rises up above your head slightly flex the knees and catch the KB with a straight arm
  4. As the arm pushes up under the KB, straighten the legs and catch. Return the KB back between the legs again and repeat 10 times each side. Remember, tight abs and squeezed glutes !
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