A hugely functional exercise that works the lateral and posterior oblique sling systems

  1. This exercise requires you to begin by standing on one leg and grabbing a cable handle with the opposite hand. Put some decent weight on the cable stack to provide adequate resistance (I tend to use 60lbs for men and 40lbs for women).
  2. Then, flex at the hip, reaching forwards with the opposite (cable) arm and squatting down to a comfortable depth on the standing leg. The free swinging leg should be encouraged to reach backwards as is the free arm. This is your starting position.
  3. The movement requires a lot of co-ordination and balance. You begin by standing up out of the single leg squat and as you do so pulling the cable hand backwards. The free arm and leg should oppose the cable arm and standing leg by swinging forwards as you execute the pull and stand up. On completion of the pull, return the cable arm into its forward reach position, drop down into the squat again and swing the free leg and arm backwards again to return to your starting position.
  4. Try and keep your balance for 10 reps each side, remember to breath and draw in your core muscles to aid balance and form. Good form should mimic gait with the arm pulling right back and a good depth of single leg squat.
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