There's a lot of information out there about how to get healthy - Google 'Health' and you'll find over 3 billion pages to choose from ! However, despite all the info, it would seem there's even more people who remain unhealthy and the desperately, more than ever, overworked National Health System is a reflection of this worrying fact. Bodyguards aim is to cultivate physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health, happiness and well-being. We want to help you take control of your own health ...

What is health ?

"One simple definition of health is 'taking responsibility for yourself'. A healthy person is healthy because they honor their body with adequate rest, nutrition, movement and recreation. Healthy people willingly accept responsibility for themselves because they value their body as a gift of life itself." Paul Chek

As populations increase worldwide so does access to media technology. We are bombarded by advertisements encouraging us to eat the latest fad diet and buy genetically modified or processed food which promises to make you healthy. We're advised to 'take a pill' to help us sleep, reduce anxiety, depression or to increase our sex drive. In general, we're told to push our bodies to the limit in order to achieve our dreams of success, fame and fortune.

The problem is that by following all this advice we stray from 'Nature' and compromise the very body that provides us with life !


Sadly, truly healthy people are becoming hard to find. There's loads of fit but sick people out there in today's world what with all these budget gyms. That probably sounds counterintuitive given that we have all sorts of new medical technology too. But the fact is, if you do some research it would appear that we’re suffering from more illness and disease than our ancestors.

If you read independent nutrition researcher, Weston A. Price’s book, Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, you’ll see that he offers proof that before technology and consumerism reached native tribes and races all over the world, there was far less stress and disease among them. For example, Price writes that;

'The cook on the government boat was an aboriginal Australian from Northern Australia. He had been trained on a military craft as a dietitian. Nearly all his teeth were lost. It is of interest that while the native Aborigines had relatively perfect teeth, this man, who was a trained dietitian for the whites, had lost nearly all his teeth from tooth decay and pyorrhea (Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, p. 181).'

weston a price book

This Months Top Tip: Listen to Your Body

As Hippocrates said about 3000 years ago, by listening to your body and acting accordingly to what it is trying to tell you, you can avoid having to see a doctor in order to obtain optimal health.

cheks e book

Paul Chek has written an excellent short multimedia e-book called 'The Last 4 Doctors You'll Ever Need' which explains how to listen to your body and interpret the symptoms you experience. This will allow you to become your own Health Detective and determine why you're experiencing those symptoms and how to resolve the issue in the long term by getting to the root cause. It could even contribute towards lessening the load placed upon the NHS ?

In upcoming Blogs, I want to introduce all four of Chek's doctors, Dr. Movement and Dr. Quiet, Dr. Happiness and Dr. Diet. Together they create a balance that not only improves your appearance but also your overall health and allows for much better results from your gym sessions. In a nut shell, we must not only work out but also work in. That means work hard and rest hard - Find balance - your body will thank you for it !

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