A postural exercise which reduces kyphosis and forward head carriage

  1. This exercise is performed face down, lying on a mat and really requires no equipment. Begin by lying down on your front.
  2. Next lift your chest off the floor by extending your lumbar spine. You should feel tension in your lower back. Keep your feet on the floor and attempt to switch off (relax) your glutes. The arms should be at 45 ̊ to your sides and fully externally rotated so that the thumbs point upwards or even behind. You should now also feel tension in the back of the shoulders and arms.
  3. Pull the shoulder blades together and down your back. Finally hold your head in alignment with your upper back by sliding your chin into your neck (don't look forwards and don't let your head drop down - try and give yourself a double chin !)
  4. Hold this position initially for 1 minute. Eventually, with practice, you should be able to hold the Prone Cobra position for up to 5 minutes with perfect alignment. Remember to breath though !
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