A postural exercise which primarily strengthens the extensor chain, namely the hamstrings, glutes, erectors and multifidus muscles

  1. The starting position requires you to begin by kneeling behind a large swiss ball and then rolling forward so that your hands become planted on the floor and your legs and hips are supported by the ball. Your stomach should be on the top of the ball and your feet should just dangle above the floor with your legs straight.
  2. The movement involves you extending the hips, by this we mean lifting the straight legs away from the floor. Extend the hips until your lower body is in alignment with your upper. Pause briefly at the top of the movement, holding yourself straight, then in a controlled manner, lower the straight legs back towards the ground.
  3. For best results, this exercise should be performed with straight legs throughout the movement and done at a very controlled speed. Try not to over extend the hips and maintain a static upper body through a solid hand stance. The ball should barely move.
  4. By keeping the abdominal wall contracted and remembering to breath (inhale in the starting position, hold during the lift and exhale on the descent) try 20 reps and then have a rest.
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