Strengthens the abdominals, specifically the internal and external obliques

  1. Begin by selecting an appropriately sized medicine ball or dumbells. We generally recommend around a 7/8 kg ball for men and a 3/4 kg ball for women or 2 x 4kg dumbells for men and 2 x 2kg dumbells for women
  2. Start in a standing position, feet prefferably 5-6 inches apart and grip the ball or dumbells above your head with nearly straight arms.
  3. Side lean your body as far as you comfortably can to one side in a slow controlled manner then return to your original upright starting position and repeat on the other side.
  4. This movement must be performed slowly and controlled making sure you’re not leaning forwards or backwards at all. Keep your belly button in to make it effective and safe and try 10 reps each side alternatively.
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