Here's another quick spinal mobility routine to add to your daily exercise plans. You could perform a different one each day to keep things interesting. We'll post a third set of spinal mobility exercises tomorrow so you have plenty to choose from.


Start with the roller at the bottom of your thoracic spine and work up. Gently rock your pelvis forwards and backwards to help mobilise the vertebrae.

Kneeling instead of standing helps to keep your hips and pelvis more fixed which allows you to get a better stretch in the QL’s and obliques etc

Again gently roll forwards and backwards to target different areas of the mid back and abs

Co-ordinate the movement around your breathing, not your breathing around the movement. Breathe in and extend the spine (arch your back), breathe out and flex your spine (round your back)

Make sure your toes are pointing inward and hips are internally rotated. Tuck your tail under. Slide and bend

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