Stengthens the legs and is very aerobic.

  1. Begin by selecting an appropriately sized medicine ball. we generally recommend a heavy 5-6kg ball for men and a 3-4 kg ball for women
  2. Start in a standing position preferrably with your feet at shoulder width and hold the med ball in front of your chest
  3. Draw the abs in and keep your back straight as you lower yourself down into a squat. Push your bum back and keep your chest up. From this position spring upwards and jump as high as you can, pushing the med ball up above your head. On landing absorb the impact through your legs by bending the knees and pushing the bum back again, lowering the ball back to chest height in preparation for the next big leap !
  4. This movement must be performed fast, preferrably on a mat about ten times then rest. repeat three sets ?
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